My Debut Album: The Perennial Millennial

14 Tracks. Hour & 10 Minutes. Made over the course of 3 years. I hope you love the album as much as I did making it, collaborating on it with friends, and performing it out in the dark New York clubs. It's not perfect, but I am very proud of it. Thank you to EVERYBODY who made this possible. Love U.


New Single - "Perennial Part 2"

"I want to know how it feels

I want to make it on my own" 

I've always wanted to feel free, whatever that means. I have wanted a lot of things. This song for me is about feeling those feelings, fully and unabashedly. It's also about revolution which is pretty gnarly. 

My album is out Next Week 

May 22nd

New Song, New Music Video, New Album

1. I just released a new single, out now on all platforms. It's called Church Lawns. 

2. Along with it is a brand new video, I worked with my friend Sanchez Murray. You can see that here.

3. My brand new album, The Perennial Millennial 

will be officially out, May 22nd, 2020


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