Evan Moore

Evan is a born and raised Texan songwriter, currently rambling around New York City. He has been surrounded by music his whole life, his mother a guitarist & lover of folk, and his father a drummer and prog-rock aficionado. Evan, previously has played drums in an Indie Garage Rock band, performed in musical theater, but now currently writes and performs his own songs; an odd brand of eclectic folk tunes.  In addition to music pursuits, he is also studying to be a mental health counselor. 

Evan's vision of folk music, is one that is torn between the new and the old.  His songwriting is both traditional yet undeniable modern, veering from traditional americana and folk, all the way to psychedelia and punk music. His first release, The Alexander EP was a D.I.Y. album filled with blemishes, voice cracks, and crumbling textures. On the EP he touched on heartbreak both emotional and political. The tracks from his upcoming album, The Perennial Millennial, are more expanded, pristine, yet other worldly. Each track dissecting the Millennial mindset, and the current American capitalist landscape. Lyrically he denounces oligarchs, racists, the ruling class, while championing young, poor, and anxiety ridden millennials. He pulls his influences from all corners of the western music diaspora, from the politics of Kendrick Lamar, the recklessness of Bob Dylan, and the poetic imagery of Joni Mitchell. 


Accolades & Escapades

Evan has played many a venue around New York City including, The Bitter End, Sidewalk Cafe, Pete's Candy Store, Topaz, The Way Station, The Well, Silvana, and Rockwood Music Hall. He has also played many a show in Texas, both in Houston and Denton. 

He has done a vinyl run with Leesta Vall recordings, and was a featured artist for the Denton Gallery. He has been featured on Dirt Radio in Australia, as well being interviewed by Denton Radio.
His previous EP, The Alexander EP , was a self-produced album made in Evan's bedroom. His upcoming project, The Perennial Millennial, was funded via IndieGoGo. The album is produced and engineered by Lucas Carpenter. 


 “Moore hits guitar strings and heartstrings much harder” 

 -The Dentonite  

“While much modern political songwriting goes for an easy political chant, Evan opts for a more cryptic storytelling” 

 -Big City Folk